Important Information

May 8, 2018

2018 People Matter Survey for AV employees

by the Victorian Public Service Commission


The union has been contacted by AV with a request to email and encourage members working at AV to participate in a survey that they are doing.  It appears that your feedback is vital and greatly appreciated.

Below is some information regarding the survey including the information on how to access the survey, apparently a link was sent to all employees. If you have lost the email you can contact or phone 1800 654 585.

  • Ambulance Victoria will be participating in the 2018 People Matter Survey, which is administered by the Victorian Public Service Commission.
  • Feedback from AV people is critical to improve our workplace and ensure Ambulance Victoria remains a great place to work and volunteer. The survey gives our people the opportunity to express their views on how the public sector values and employment principles are demonstrated within their workplace by colleagues, managers and senior leaders.
  • As well as the core survey, Ambulance Victoria will be seeking more in-depth information on diversity and inclusion; wellbeing; change management; career intentions; learning and development; and sexual harassment.
  • The survey is open now, and will be available until midnight, Friday 25 May.
  • A personalised email from the CEO and link to access the survey has been emailed to AV employees and ACO’s from Orima Research during the survey period above. If people lose the email from Orima, they can contact or 1800 654 585.
  • Alternatively, use the following link:
  • Data and reporting from the survey is aggregated and anonymised- we cannot identify individual responses, and strict rules are in place to safeguard your anonymity at every stage of the survey process.
  • We require at least 50% participation- not only to ensure we statistically rigorous feedback, but also to ensure we get reports from every work area- the survey does not produce a report for work areas with less than 10 responses to further protect anonymity.
  • Please discuss this with your colleagues and encourage them to talk about the survey.


Steve McGhie
General Secretary