October 2016

NPT Overtime Payment for Training Hours

Outside Work Time

It has been brought to the Union’s attention that NPT have requested that employees complete some on-line training, practical manual handling and CPR assessments as part of the annual training required.

Members are reminded that any training undertaken in your own time will be paid at overtime rates of pay. The Union have spoken to NPT and they have assured the us that in the vast majority of cases, employees have been paid “equivalent to overtime rates of pay for conducting this annual training.”

Members are reminded of the following clauses in the NPT Enterprise Agreement:

Part Time Employees
Clause 11 Types of Employment (b) (ii) “The minimum shift length for a part time employee will be four consecutive hours.” (c) (vi) “Where a part time employee’s hours of work exceed 76 hours per fortnight, payment shall be at overtime rates for all hours in excess of that time.”

Full Time Employees
Clause 12 (a) “The hours of work for an ordinary week’s work for all full-time employee will be 38 hours per week, or an average of 38 hours per week spread over the employee’s roster cycle.” Any work performed outside these hours will be paid at overtime rates of pay.

Casual Employees
Clause 11 (d) (ii) “A casual employee shall be engaged for a minimum of three consecutive hours each shift.” If a casual employee has been requested to complete the CPR assessment and manual handling component of the training before or after a shift then you should be paid at overtime rates of pay.

Clause 24 Overtime
(a) “Only authorised overtime shall be worked.” In this case, NPT have authorised you to participate in this training.
(c) “The following overtime rates shall be paid for all work done:

  1. Time and a half for the first two hours and double time thereafter, for any work exceeding the number of hours fixed as a day’s, week’s or fortnight’s work;
  2. Double time for overtime work on Saturday or Sunday;
  3. All time in excess of a rostered day on  a public holiday, will be paid as double time and a half; and,
  4. Double time for work outside a spread of 12 hours from the commencement of the last previous rostered period of duty, provided that the overtime is not continuous with the next succeeding rostered period of duty.”

In the first instance members should check the payment they received for this annual training and if it is incorrect then, put in a pay enquiry (in writing) to your payroll department. If this pay claim is rejected then get in contact with the Union.

If anyone has any queries or requires any further information please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local Union Delegate or contact the union directly on or phone 9235 7655.

Olga Bartasek
Organiser AEAV