NPT 014

October 17, 2017

AEAV Letter to NPT

NPT non-union Agreement consists of clauses that are less than the Modern Award

Dear Jeff,

Via E: jwilson@nptgroup

Re: Employer NPT Enterprise Agreement 2017

We are writing to you today regarding the Enterprise Agreement NPT Pty Ltd has put out for a vote to its employees.

We are seeking that you withdraw the Agreement immediately because the Agreement includes conditions that are not compliant with the Ambulance and Patient Transport Award 2010 as follows:

  • Part-time Employment
  • Meal and Crib breaks and Meal Allowances
  • Public holiday during annual leave
  • Payment of annual leave
  • Payment for work done on public holidays
  • Classifications – Operational Classifications

The AEAV believes that NPT’s Agreement if successful, as an outcome of the vote, would not meet the ‘Better Off Overall Test” for employees.

Once we have confirmed by you, the withdrawal of NPT’s Agreement to employees, a more productive outcome would be that all parties reconvene and continue negotiations.

It is important that ALL members vote NO and return their ballot paper. This will send a clear message to NPT that they must deliver a fair wage offer and
good working conditions to their staff.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary