AEAV State 019

October 2016

St John Victoria – Anti-union propaganda


Workplace rights regarding freedom of association are protected under the Fair Work Act 2009. It is unlawful to take or threaten adverse action against a person for being a member of a union.

Patient Transport Officers (PTO) and Ambulance Transport Attendants (ATA) at St John Ambulance have significantly increased their membership numbers with the hope of engaging in enterprise bargaining for better wages and conditions. The Union has made several requests to meet with St John Victoria to begin discussions which disappointingly have been refused.

St John Victoria management have been repeatedly tearing down AEAV posters, bulletins and membership forms. The Union has recently written to St John Victoria offering to supply a union noticeboard where members can post union material. St John has not responded to this request.

Yesterday members reported that not only had union material been removed but it had been replaced with childish anti-union material on the St John Victoria staff notice board.


This marks a new low in the respect shown by St John Victoria to its employees who are exercising their legal right to be union members.

The AEAV is calling on all members to show their support to their workmates at St John Victoria. They need to be supported in their battle for better wages and conditions against such a staunchly anti-union employer.

Members should visit to sign the online petition.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary