AV 031

August 10, 2017

ALS Senior Team Manager ARU Payment Dispute Update

The union and members from Group 6 in metro west had the stage three grievance meeting with Ambulance Victoria on 08 August 2017 regarding payment of the ALS ARU Senior Team Manager rate of pay for all purposes.

Disappointingly the matter remains unresolved and will now need to be escalated to the Fair Work Commission.

Ambulance Victoria has an expectation that all ALS STMs respond in a single responder capacity to emergency cases yet do not want to pay for the work performed.

AV’s position is that to pay the ALS ARU STM rate of pay for all purposes would be an above award payment as the ARU model is not provided for in the enterprise agreement.

This is a flawed argument as the organisation willingly made above award payments to the Group 6 STMs during the trial and currently pays the ARU rate of pay to the ALS ARU Paramedic Year 6 and ALS ARU Paramedic Educator classifications even those these positions are not provided for in the enterprise agreement.

We also raised the issue of inequality and strongly believe that the organisation’s position is unfair as ALS ARU STMs are being treated differently to the remainder of the organisation.

The union also sought clarification from Ambulance Victoria the organisation regarding their expectations of ALS STMs and how these differ from their MICA counterparts in relation to response capacity.

The union will be raising the issue further with the Minister next week.

In the interim we advise all affected ALS STMs to email Tony Walker to express your disappointment at the differential treatment of ALS STMs by the organisation.

Amanda Kaczmarek
Senior Industrial Officer