AV 023

June 9, 2017

ALS Senior Team Manager SRU Payment Dispute Update

Both Danny Hill and myself met with Mick Stephenson last Friday [2 June 2017] to discuss a number of issues including this difference on position about ALS STMs being paid SRU rates of pay if trained and accredited to single respond.

ALS STMs were engaged in an initial trial of single responding in which AV paid them the appropriate rate of pay now AV appear to be showing complete disregard for the STMs in the range of duties they do which includes some single responding to cases.

It appears that AV’s position is if they were to extend the SRU rate of pay to ALS STMs then the additional cost would amount to approximately $1 million.

As an outcome of our discussions it is our understanding that if an ALS STM logs on for availability to single respond and fills in a higher duties form then AV will pay the correct rate of pay for that shift.

The Union advises its members that until the outstanding grievances are progressed and resolved then ALS STMs who are trained and accredited to single respond for the shifts that they are available should log on and fill in the higher duties form for correct payment.

We encourage all the aggrieved STMs to progress their grievances and contact the Union if they need assistance.

Finally, it appears that AV have not considered the previous efforts of ALS STMs single responding along with efforts from the rest of the workforce which has delivered the best response times in seven years.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary