AV 012

March 27, 2017

ALS Single Responder Vehicles


Members will be aware that the Union has supported the introduction of ALS Single Responders following a trial performed by Senior Team Managers in Metropolitan Melbourne and Barwon.

The Union agreed to the proposal provided a number of parameters were met. This involved forming a working group with STM representatives and AV Management to deal with issues such as dispatch policies and procedures, safety, equipment and vehicles.

The Ford Territory is the minimum standard in Ambulance Victoria for ALS and MICA Single Responders as well as Team Managers. An agreed equipment package was also designed for use by single responders.

The Union has been properly consulted about all ALS SRUs established in Metropolitan and Barwon Regions. We have not been consulted about ALS SRUs in other Regions.

The Union has been advised by members that at least one ALS SRU has been operating in the Grampians Region from a sedan with equipment taken from stretcher vehicles meaning the paramedic must carry more equipment than any other single responder and must remove it alone from a car boot which is below proper height for lifting such equipment.

The Union does not support paramedics responding in a sedan vehicle nor does the Union support single paramedics being forced to carry equipment normally carried by two paramedics.

Once a minimum safety standard is established, that standard must be met. AV’s own Health and Safety Strategy states that 67% of injuries are attributed to manual handling.

Members who are asked to respond in sedans and without the correct equipment are advised to refuse on health and safety grounds until the proper vehicle and equipment are provided.

Danny Hill
Acting General Secretary