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February 14, 2017

ALS Single Responders

On 3 February the Union met with Ambulance Victoria to discuss a proposed ALS Single Responder model to be deployed in 5 locations across the two Metropolitan Regions.

This follows a trial involving ALS Senior Team Managers (STM) in Melbourne and Barwon last year.

The Union is supportive of the new ALS SRU model within the following parameters:

  • Commencement April 2017, with an EOI process established in February 2017
  • Operating x 5 Resources across Metropolitan Melbourne; 2 within Metro East and 3 within Metro West Regions
  • Targeted recruitment for the EOI process to ALS Paramedics Year 6 and ALS Paramedic Educators
  • Development of rosters in line with operational demand. The rosters will be a combination of day and or afternoon shifts, and at this time there is no intention to introduce a night shift component
  • The attached rates of pay have been created, and will be applicable for payment for all purposes, for the duration of the successful candidates secondment
  • AV will maintain the trial response parameters, including the previous addition of a CAD amendment to enable the automatic dispatch of an AGP as back up to the ALS SRU units (in line MICA SRU dispatch).
  • Development of a training program encapsulating driving, health and safety concerns, equipment familiarisation and clinical education. All training should be completed prior to being deployed as an ALS SRU.

AV have also indicated that ALS STMs may be responded while on operational shifts in which case they should be paid the ALS STM SRU for all purposes.

The Union sees this as a positive opportunity for career progression for senior ALS Paramedics.

To date the Union has only been consulted and agreed to this proposal in Metropolitan Melbourne but have been advised of interest in other Regions.

ALS Single Responder Unit Salary Details (based on 01/12/16 rates)
Effective Applicable as of 10 April 2017

Current ALS generic Base Rate SR Allowance ($154.35 per week) Proposed ALS SR Base Rate Proposed ALS SR RIR
(weekly) (weekly) (weekly) (weekly)
ALS (AR) Senior Team Manager
 STMA1T (Year 1) $1,902.85 $154.35 $2,057.20 $2,545.80
 STMA3T (Year 3) $1,948.10 $154.35 $2,102.45 $2,597.55
 ALS (AR) Paramedic Educator
 TPEAS1 (Year 1) $1,645.90 $154.35 $1,800.25 $2,252.00
 TPEAS3 (Year 3) 1,700.15 $154.35 $1,854.50 $2,314.05
 ALS (AR) Ambulance Paramedic
 EAPASS (Year 6) $1,472.15 $154.35 $1,626.50 $2,053.35

The rates will be paid for all purposes for the duration of the seconded / higher duties period.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary