AV 009

March 15, 2017

ALS Team Manager Single Responders

As previously advised to members (Bulletin AV 005), on 3 February the Union met with Ambulance Victoria to discuss a proposed ALS Single Responder model to be deployed in 5 locations across the two Metropolitan Regions which followed a trial involving ALS Senior Team Managers (STM) in Melbourne and Barwon last year.

During this meeting AV also indicated that ALS STMs may be responded while on operational shifts including coming out of shifts on stretcher vehicles and responding from a Ford Territory as a Single Responder. This is in addition to the five locations mentioned above and would provide AV with a significant increase in frontline resources.

The Union clarified that ALS STM (SRU) would have to be paid under a new classification in the same way that a MICA STM (SRU) is paid for all purposes. The Union agreed to the new ALS SRU model under this principle and AV subsequently provided the Union with attached rolled in rates of pay for all ALS SRU positions.

The Union believes that this arrangement is a positive introduction in AV which will improve resourcing and emergency response to the community and develop a new career pathway for ALS paramedics.

Unfortunately it now appears that AV’s position is that ALS STMs who single respond will not be paid a new SRU rate of pay for all purpose as MICA STMs do. Instead ALS STMs will only receive SRU rate of pay if they are seconded to position or on a single shift basis. This creates a significant inequallity between MICA STM SRU and ALS STM SRU.

This is disappointing as the ALS SRU initiative was piloted by ALS STMs and was a success. ALS STM (SRU) will now be worse off than they were when taking part in the trial.
The Union is hopeful of achieving a positive outcome for ALS STM’s. Until then the Union advises ALS STMs to consider this carefully before logging themsleves in as an SRU.

Current ALS generic Base Rate SR Allowance ($154.35 per week) Proposed ALS SR Base Rate Proposed ALS SR RIR
(weekly) (weekly) (weekly) (weekly)
STMA1T (Year 1) $1,902.85 $154.35 $2,057.20 $2,545.80
 STMA3T (Year 3) $1,948.10 $154.35 $2,102.45 $2,597.55
 ALS (AR) Paramedic Educator
 TPEAS1 (Year 1) $1,645.90 $154.35 $1,800.25 $2,252.00
 TPEAS3 (Year 3) $1,700.15 $154.35 $1,854.50 $2,314.05
 ALS (AR) Ambulance Paramedic
 EAPAS6 (Year 6) $1,472.15 $154.35 $1,626.50 $2,053.35

The rates will be paid for all purposes for the duration of the seconded / higher duties period.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary