TAS 001

May 12, 2020


We went to the TIC last Tuesday.

We appeared, along with government reps, before the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to vary the Ambulance Award and to agree to the 2019 EBA.

The TIC president approved the agreement with effect 1 July 2019, and approved the award variation effectively immediately, with back-dated conditions about parental leave and superannuation (maternity/partner leave provisions to 2 Dec 2019).

These things take about two weeks to be published so we’ve provided a draft copy of the agreement on our Facebook page for members, and while this isn’t the formal copy it has identical text.

The award is a little trickier as the variations can’t be read as a whole document until the final version is published by the TIC, and we expect that to be available before the end of May and will update members as soon as it’s published.

The application to the Award Variation can be downloaded here and we can provide the written submissions from government and ourselves on request in case there’s any doubt about how the parties interpret the clauses as written.

There are some complex issues about transitioning to the new terms and conditions, such as rostering leave and the changes to taking shifts off vs weeks of leave, but please contact us directly with any issue as they arise.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris via HACSUassist on 1300880 032 or chris.kennedy@hacsu.org.au