ALS Senior Team Manager
Single Responding Trial

The AEAV has recently been made aware that Ambulance Victoria plan to implement a three month ALS Team Manager Single Responder trial. The trial is expected to commence on 15 February 2016.

A draft outline of the trial states that Team Managers will be responded to low priority cases (Code 2/3) without back up and may be required to transport patients in a Team Manager vehicle. This is concerning.

Team Managers will also be single responded to Code 1 and Priority 0 Cases during times of high demand (Code Orange Escalations).

The Union also has concerns about the effect this trial will have on the primary role of Team Managers which is to support and improve the welfare of their teams.

The Union is seeking feedback from members on this proposal. Please provide any feedback to or call 0419 383 152.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary

January 2016