Claiming Travel Time

It has been raised recently by members that when they have been allocated shifts at other branches Rosters have quoted the time and distance by Travelmate.  Further quotes have suggested to the affected paramedics that Travelmate is included in the 2015 EBA.

Members are assured Travelmate is not a tool agreed to by the AEA-V and is not in the EBA.

Claims for travel time and distance should be made based on the actual time and distance it takes you to travel to the branch you have been allocated to.

The Union wrote to AV about this issue and AV have confirmed in writing that Travelmate is used by the Roster Department as a supporting instrument.

They also state: “Actual travel time and mileage are claimed by the paramedic through the ETCS and these claims are expected to reflect actual time spent travelling and actual distance travelled, as observed and recorded by the paramedic”.

Members are referred to Clauses 26.23 ‘Travelling Allowance’ and 31.23 ‘Travel Arrangements’ in the 2015 EBA.


Steve McGhie
General Secretary

February 2016