0% = Your Value According to Ambulance Victoria

Yesterday, 23 February 2016, the Union received correspondence from Ambulance Victoria which is attached with this Bulletin relating to the Work Value Case as well as the Union’s response.

Not only is Ambulance Victoria’s position that its paramedics are worth a 0% pay rise but that this figure should be discounted against pay increases achieved through the enterprise bargaining process.

In addition, AV has invited the Union to abandon half of its claims because they do not agree with them. This is insulting. 

AV also suggested that classifications which have smaller numbers of paramedics should be denied a full hearing of their claims. The Union will not agree to this.

It’s time for Ambulance Victoria to stand up for its paramedics and propose a range for the wage increase as President Ross of the Fair Work Commission urged the parties to do at the directions hearing on 24 November 2015.

Hearings commence in the Fair Work Commission, 11 Exhibition St Melbourne, on 14 March 2016

All members are strongly encouraged to attend to support your peers providing evidence on your behalf and hear what Ambulance Victoria has to say about the value of your work.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary

February 2016