ALS Senior Team Manager SRU Trial

ALS Senior Team Managers in Metro and Barwon South West will be aware of a trial that commenced on 29 February 2016 and runs through to 8 May 2016.

This trial will see ALS Senior Team Managers respond to Priority 0 & Code 1 cases as the closest resource.  They will also respond to Code 2 & 3 cases during the hours of 1200 – 1400.

Initially AV had agreed to pay a $3.25 allowance per hour but due to some system restraints it has been agreed between AV and the AEA-V to create two new classifications and pay rates for the trial.

These new rates will be payable to participants in the trial.

Those STM’s opting not to participate in the trial will remain on their current classification and pay rate.

The agreed rate of pay for the trial is as follows:

Classification Base SRU allowance
($3.25 x 38hrs)
Proposed Weekly
Base rate
Weekly RIR
ALS STM SRU ‘trial’
Year 1 – (STMA1T)
$1453.30 $123.50 $1576.80 $1957.25
ALS STM SRU ‘trial’
Year 3 – (STMA1T)
$1487.85 $123.50 $1611.35 $1996.75

Steve McGhie
General Secretary

March 2016