Members Meetings re Work Value Decision – UPDATE

Members’ meetings for Doncaster, Horsham, Stawell, Portland and Hamilton confirmed.

The AEAV has now rescheduled the deferred meetings at Horsham and Stawell.  There will also be additional meetings at Portland and Hamilton.  The meeting for Doncaster Headquarters is now arranged also.

Details of these meetings as at 15th April 2016 are:

 Date  Location  Time  AEA-V Official
20 April 2016 Doncaster Headquarters 11:00 Amanda & Olga
2 May 2016 Horsham 11:00 Steve
2 May 2016 Stawell 15:00  Steve
4 May 2016 Portland 11:30 Steve & Danny
4 May 2016 Hamilton 15:00 Steve & Danny

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary

April 2016