AV 039

September 2016

Provisional Important Notices

The Union would like to inform members of a number of provisional improvement notices (PIN) which have been issued by Health and Safety Representatives.

Paul Bellman, MICA SRU Paramedic, from Wodonga, issued a PIN on a recent policy change by AV to single respond MICA SRU Paramedics to low priority cases without backup. This issue has now been resolved with a favourable outcome and all MICA SRU’s are to be mandatorily backed by another crew or have the discretion to stand back from attending until back up becomes available, without repercussion.

Sasha McKissock, AEAV Delegate and HSR for Emerald, has issued three PIN’s relating to an investigation of a dangerous incident where a crew were advised by another emergency service to enter a hazardous scene as well as the need for crews in bushfire prone areas to be provided with appropriate fire protective equipment. These PIN’s are not yet resolved.

Craig Hazelwood, AEAV State Councillor and HSR for MICA 4, has issued two PIN’s relating to the ability to safely restrain equipment in stretcher ambulances and SRU vehicles. The SRU related PIN has been resolved with improved ability to restrain equipment and protect the paramedic in the event of an accident. Craig is still working through the PIN process with AV and Worksafe to achieve an outcome with regard to safely restraining equipment in stretcher ambulances.

David Tull, AEAV State Councillor and HSR for Seaford has been representing members with regard to AV’s proposed plan to reduce HSR and DWG numbers. This issue is currently in the consultation phase with AV management.

The Union congratulates Paul, Sasha, Craig and David for their hard work and dedication to the safety of their workmates. This highlights the excellent work being performed by our HSR’s across the State and the need for active HSR’s at every branch.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary