AV 031

January 22, 2020


Recently there has been some communications regarding ‘special leave’ for staff directly impacted by the recent bushfires.

AEAV has spoken with Terry Marshall, who is currently the Acting Executive Director, Clinical Operations. He has confirmed that the AV Executive will today be discussing how to facilitate the leave required by staff.

Terry Marshall indicated that the outcome of the discussion today will be a generalised approach to allocation of leave. The provision of leave will not be subject to membership of a union or association, and as such will not require individuals to make submissions to these entities.

AEAV will be speaking to Terry Marshall later today to confirm that adequate arrangements are being put in place for ALL employees who require leave as a result of the bushfires.

Assistance offered by your union
The United Workers Union has established a $500,000 Climate Disaster Relief Fund for members and their communities. This fund will give support to members who are taking action to care for country and their communities, and for members who are impacted by climate disasters.

We’ve put in place the following measures:

  • Fee waivers for members who’ve suffered a disruption to their income for any bushfire related reason;
  • Free legal advice for any disaster related legal matter;
  • A $500 emergency payment for any member who’s lost their home or place of residence in these bushfires and for any future climate disaster;
  • A $100 payment per day for each member volunteering with an emergency services organisation (for members who don’t have access to paid emergency services leave or have run out);
  • The union is calling for every worker to have the right to paid emergency services leave.

To access the emergency payment or volunteer payment please click here.