AEAV Members Facebook Group

Members are reminded that the Union have several social media sites which we use to campaign publicly as well as to keep our members informed. It is how we were able to co-ordinate our Delegates and activists so well during the Code Red Campaign.

One of these is the AEAV Members group on Facebook which is a secure group for members only. It is one of the most effective methods we have to keep members updated, ask for feedback, conduct surveys and organise events.

It is also a way to engage discussion and debate about our industry and ensure that the Union Executive are hearing from members directly. We encourage safe and respectful debate.

If you are an AEAV member, simply click on the link below (or cut and paste the URL), click on “JOIN” and you will be added straight away.

Members are also reminded of the AEAV YouTube Channel where we post our video updates and where you can relive some of our past campaign highlights.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary

January 2016