Important Information

December 11, 2017

beyondblue National Survey on Mental Health and Wellbeing

of Police and Emergency Service Personnel


We’re supporting the beyondblue National Survey on Mental Health and Wellbeing of Police and Emergency Service Personnel

Even the most resilient ambulance personnel can be affected by stress and trauma. That is why beyondblue is conducting Answering the call – the national survey on the mental health and wellbeing of police, ambulance and fire and rescue personnel.

Police and emergency services agencies around Australia are working with beyondblue on this world-first national study to provide clear evidence about the issues affecting the mental health of personnel and identify the best ways to provide support.

Employees, volunteers and former employees from emergency services across Australia are being invited to participate in a short survey. If selected you will have received an email invitation with a link to the survey.

I encourage you to participate and have your say.

beyondblue is committed to working with the emergency services sector to ensure the anonymous survey results are used to assist in translating the information into resources and initiatives to best support you and your colleagues to achieve your best possible mental health.

For further information on the survey, please visit and click on the ‘FAQs for participants’ link. You can also phone the research team on 1800 677 248 or email

Don’t miss your opportunity to help shape the future of your organisation.

Kind Regards,


Steve McGhie
General Secretary