AV 046

December 8, 2017


The Union is aware that members are being directed by Ambulance Victoria (AV) to clear cases prior to a VACIS patient care record being properly completed.

The vast majority of crews do their utmost to respond to all cases as quickly as they can. This is reflected in the improvements in response times achieved by AV over the past 2 years and improved clinical outcomes to the Victorian community.

It is important to remember that a PCR is a document that may be used in legal proceedings such as Coroner Inquests or reviewed by AV’s Medical Standards Committee.

It is important that you complete the PCR while you have details fresh in your mind. Some crews often have a backlog of several PCR’s to complete which leads to errors such as incorrectly recording medication administration. The Union regularly represents members in disciplinary matters where minute details of a case sheet are scrutinised so it is important that you have the time to complete your PCR.

The Union recommends that you insist on having enough time to complete your PCR. If you are directed to respond to a case prior to completing a PCR, respond to the case but contact the Duty Manager and request time to complete the PCR. If you are not given sufficient time to complete the PCR you should write:

“VACIS ePCR incomplete as crew were directed to attend another case”

If you are required to finish the PCR at a later time you should note when the PCR was completed:

“This VACIS ePCR was completed to the best of my recollection four hours after the case was completed”

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary