Crimes That Shook Australia 3

Shootings: Walsh Street -1988 & Queen Street – 1987

Hi All,

I have been asked for assistance from our London friends to again locate any Members who were involved in the two listed crimes that occurred in Melbourne.

I ask that you contact me and I will forward your details onto London. Please refer to the article below as to the crimes being investigated this time.

I have some great news, after the success of Series 2, we have been asked to make 3rd series of Crimes That Shook Australia.

 I wondered if I could enlist your help again? We have been asked to look into the Walsh Street shootings of 1988 and the Queen Street shootings of 1987. I’m hoping to speak to anyone who attended the scenes, at this stage for my research purposes. I’ve not been able to find any names so far myself, but I wondered if you could put the word out across the association for me?

Ian Cameron
Retired Ambulance Association of Victoria Inc