Rural 011

November 14, 2017

Election of Delegate


The AEA-V wishes to advise members that following the temporary standing aside of Rick Morton as the Kangaroo Flat Branch Shop Steward nominations are hereby called for the position of Kangaroo Flat Branch Shop Steward.

The Executive expresses its appreciation and thanks to Rick for his efforts in this role and look forward to his return to the role.

Also, if anyone from another branch is interested in nominating to be Delegate or Co Delegate at their branch please submit a nomination form or lodge an expression of interest as per below contact details.

Persons wishing to nominate or be nominated need to photocopy and then fill out the nomination form attached to this notice.  The nomination form requires three (3) financial United Voice-AEA member signatures, one being the nominee.  Nominees must be financial members.

Nominations are requested to be returned to the AEAV Office at the above address, emailed or faxed by midday Friday, 30th November 2017.

Download United Voice – AEA-V – Nomination Form

Download United Voice – AEA-V – Nomination Form

Steve McGhie
General Secretary