Important Information

May 22, 2018

Expression of solidarity

from AEA SA re assault case


Please find below an email from Phil Palmer, Secretary of the AEAV South Australia, in which he expresses the solidarity of his members with our members of the AEA Victoria in relation to the recent assault case.

Hello comrades,

Our members over here are insisting we demonstrate solidarity with AEAVIC and its members in the aftermath of recent publicity of the assault court case. Our Exec has determined that the first step should be to ask you what you would like us to do.

In our state, we intend lobbying our Government to ensure that the laws that protect our members have sufficient ‘teeth’ to act as a genuine deterrent. I note that you have had progress with your Government in toughening legislation in your jurisdiction so we will be watching with great interest.

Anyway, as a start please pass on the well wishes and total support of all our members to Paul Judd and Chenaye Bentley. An injury to one is an injury to all.

Kind regards,

Phil Palmer | General Secretary

Ambulance Employees Association

1 Hindmarsh Place, HINDMARSH  SA  5007


Steve McGhie
General Secretary