AV 049

December 21, 2017

Fair Work Commission Matters

The Union has a number of up-coming matters listed for conciliation in the Fair Work Commission.

National Patient Transport (NPT)

The Union alongside the ANMF have conciliation on 15 and 22 January 2018 with NPT to progress enterprise bargaining negotiations. NPT is presently seeking to cut conditions of employment and provide for a wage increase of 1.9% per year in line with the Wage Price Index.

ALS Single Responder (SR) Senior Team Manager (STM)

The Group 6 Metropolitan Senior Team Managers have conciliation on 09 January 2017 at 2pm in relation to their dispute over Ambulance Victoria’s failure to pay them the ALS SR STM rate of pay for all purposes. The organisation wishes to utilise this cohort of employees as single responders yet not pay the applicable rate of pay. There is an equity issue here as all other single responder paramedics within the organisation receive the single responder allowance for all purposes irrespective of their work platform.

Graduate Grampians Employment Contracts

There is a cohort of Grampians GAPs who have different employment contracts from the remainder of the Ambulance Victoria employee pool. A grievance has been lodged in relation to a GAP being allocated to a rural branch for a period of two years during which time the GAP is denied transfer opportunities as per Ambulance Victoria policy. This matter is listed for conciliation on 11 January 2018 at 10am.

Branch Allocations

There are two further matters listed in the FWC regarding the allocation of members to permanent branch locations. One involves a graduate being re-located without consideration of their personal and family circumstances. The second matter relates to a qualified paramedic being overlooked and missing out on a position on their preferred branch stability list as Ambulance Victoria placed AP12s and interstate paramedics at the branch ahead of the member and in contravention of the allocation policy. These matters are listed before conciliation before Commissioner Wilson in January 2018.

Members will be kept updated as to the status of these disputes.

Amanda Kaczmarek
Senior Industrial Officer