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March 7, 2018

Firefighters Enterprise Agreement

The AEAV on behalf of its members wish to congratulate the United Firefighters Union and its members on finally achieving a positive outcome in their long running negotiations with the MFB.

The Code Red dispute was at the time the longest running industrial dispute in Victoria however it was surpassed by the MFB negotiations which have run for over four years.

Certain media reports have attempted to portray animosity between the UFU and other emergency service unions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The UFU have done an outstanding job delivering improvements for their members under a barrage of attacks from media and conservative politicians.

The AEAV will seek to start EB negotiations with AV by mid-year and negotiations with ESTA in the next couple of months as per the normal enterprise bargaining cycle. The AV agreement expires in April 2019.

We hope that we can deliver good outcomes for our members through that process.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary