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February 22, 2018

Industrial Update February 2018

There are presently a number of on-going industrial matters. Please see below for a summary.

National Patient Transport (NPT)

Negotiations are continuing with the employer seeking to remove paid meal breaks, reduce shift allowances and offering wage increases in line with CPI (1.9%). Members are considering industrial action.

Rural Senior Relieving Paramedic

The MOU between the Union and Ambulance Victoria has been signed. Unfortunately the trial start date has been delayed until May 2018 due to processing matters on Ambulance Victoria’s part. We hope to see this trial operating ASAP.

Graduate Grampians Employment Contracts

The matter of Grampians contract employees being held to position has been sufficiently resolved for the members who have lodged grievances.

Branch Allocations

There is one branch allocation matter outstanding and further action including possible arbitration is being considered.

With respect to branch allocation and the interaction between administration, preference and stability lists there is no consistency across Ambulance Victoria. Metropolitan branches only have stability and preference lists whereas in rural there are also administration lists.  The lists are not always being followed when allocating staff and members who feel they have been overlooked should contact the union.

Paramedic Community Support Coordinators (PCSCs)

The PCSCs have been delayed due to financial considerations. It is expected that the 12 new PCSCs will commence on 01 July 2018. 6 positions have been appointed to and a further 6 positions will be advertised once the locations are finalised.

Ambulance Victoria Enterprise Bargaining

The Union is presently correlating the log of claims for the next enterprise agreement as bargaining. We thank members for providing their suggestions and feedback to date.


Amanda Kaczmarek
Senior Industrial Officer