Joint AEA-V & RFDS 001

November 2016

RFDS Agree to securing working hours for

Permanent Part Time Employees

It was brought to the Union’s attention that Permanent Part Time employees with RFDS were having their working hours changed due to the operational and contractual requirements of the business. These individual members sought advice from the Union and it was pleasing to have RFDS agree to meet with the Union and discuss this matter. As a result of these discussions RFDS agreed to comply with the terms set out in their Enterprise Agreement 2014.

RFDS have also agreed to this joint bulletin to notify Permanent Part Time members that their hours of work will be formally written up after negotiating with each employee and coming to a mutual agreement.  Members are to take note that if you were working a pattern of hours, days, and shift start and finish times that you were happy with for a period of time then you have a right to request to go back to that shift pattern and have a contract written up to secure those working hours.

Members are advised to review Clause 10.2 in the RFDS Enterprise Agreement 2014:

Part-time employment:

  1. A part-time employee shall mean an employee who is employed to work ordinary hours of less than 38 hours each week or less than an average of 38 hours per week over a roster cycle.
  2. A written agreement specifying the hours to be worked each day, days to be worked and commencement and finishing times will be provided on commencement of part-time employment. Any variation to the regular pattern of work must be agreed and recorded in writing.

 RFDS will advise employees of how long they expect this process to take in the coming weeks.

If members wish to maintain flexibility with their working hours there are options available to do so, whilst still maintaining permanent employment status.

In the first instance members should make contact with RFDS regarding their permanent part time hours via or phone 8412 0400 to begin these negotiations..

If any member has any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Union at any time on or phone 9235 7665.

Danny Hill
AEA-V Acting General Secretary