AV 045

December 5, 2017

KPI – Naming and Shaming

Recently the Union has received a number of complaints from members who have had performance information broadcast to the rest of their team.

Examples include naming crews that experienced delays on particular dates that can be easily identified by others and circulating team lists that name the best and worst performers on the team. This has occurred in a number of locations across the State.

This is highly inappropriate and tantamount to bullying. It causes significant distress to individual members and it makes a mockery of Ambulance Victoria’s efforts to improve mental health in the workforce.

Individual performance issues, whether it be medication management, turn-out times, VACIS and clearing times or sick leave, must be dealt with confidentially between an individual worker and their manager. Broadcasting performance issues to others is not acceptable.

This matter was reported to AV immediately and an assurance given to the Union that this practice was not endorsed by the organisation.

The Union requests members report examples of this practice so that we can ensure it ceases.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary