AV 008

March 16, 2018

Medication Disclosure

The union has recently been contacted by members regarding the requirement to disclose medication which may impair function to your Team Manager as part of Ambulance Victoria’s Alcohol and other Drugs Policy.

Ambulance Victoria presently has no policy or procedure regarding the confidential storage of members’ personal and private medical information by Team Managers.

The Union raised the matter directly with AV CEO Tony Walker yesterday and also in the Consultative Committee forum.

Members are advised to refrain from disclosing personal medication information to their Team Manager until the security of that information can be guaranteed.

Any member who is being randomly drug tested should declare all medication prescriptions and usage to their tester on the day or if members are comfortable they can speak to the AOD Welfare Specialist.

Tony Walker gave a commitment to the Union that an appropriate confidential data storage system would be established as soon as possible.

If members have any questions about the above they are encouraged to contact the union.


Danny Hill
Acting General Secretary