AV 003

January 10, 2018

Metro East Roster Trials

Several branches in Metro East are trialling new rosters which includes shifts of 10 and 12 hour duration.

Some of those shifts have been finishing at midnight.  Also some afternoon shifts on weekends have been finishing at 0200 hours.

Teams are currently being informed that AV are seeking to make all the afternoon shifts in these trial rosters finish at 0200 hours seven days per week.

The reason for the suggested change is to improve response times.

Members are advised to express any concerns you may have about any suggested change to the rosters which may include changes to shift start and finish times.

Hopefully those concerns raised will be addressed by AV.

Members should read Clauses: 36 ‘Arranging Hours of Work’ and 9 ‘Resolution of Disputes and Grievances’ of the 2015 AV Enterprise Agreement [Varied & Extended].

Members need to be assured that no roster can change without the required notification period of 28 days as per Clause 36.2.

Any member or Team seeking assistance from the Union should call (9235 7665.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary