NEPT 005

September 22, 2017

NEPT Expired Defibrillation Pads

The Union has been advised that an NEPT company has directed employees to continue to carry and utilise expired defibrillation pads.

The Union has also been advised that the company has told employees that the manufacturer states that the pads can be used up to 3 months after the listed expiry dates. Staff have also been told over the phone that they have been indemnified.

The Union has made contact with Zoll and has been advised in writing that:

“ZOLL does not recommend using the pads after the expiry date as the gel within may have deteriorated, which may cause burns to your patient. Once expired you may dispose of them in general waste.”

The AEAV advises members to:

  • Not use expired pads and to inform the employer of any expired pads
  • Reiterate to your employer that the manufacturer has made the recommendation not to use expired pads due to the risk of burns to a patient
  • Report issues of expired defibrillation pads or management direction to use expired pads as a health and safety issue to your HSR or WorkSafe on the WorkSafe Advisory line on 1800 136 089

If anyone has any queries or requires assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the AEAV office by email: or 9235 7665.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary