NPT 012

October 4, 2017



National Patient Transport will be sending you their own Enterprise Agreement to vote on.

The negotiations with NPT are still proceeding and agreement has not been reached.

The Unions have rejected NPT’s Wage Price Index Model and maintained our claim for 6% per year. Some of the things you will lose if you vote yes are:

  • LOSS of paid crib time (30 minute meal break every shift). NPT will then accumulate this time and expect you work one day for free.
  • LOSS of one week annual leave per year.
  • NPT will reduce your shift penalties and these penalties will be less for a PTO than an ATA.
  • NPT will abolish the AO classification and pay rate thus not recognising the qualification and/or experience of these employees.
  • NPT will force you to work incidental OT and not take into consideration your personal or family circumstances.
  • NPT will set your wages in line with the Wage Price Index. This is a variable index that has no future certainty of a rise. What happens when this rate is in the negative, do you get a pay cut?

Members will receive ballot papers to vote on the NPT Enterprise Agreement in the days ahead (it will be posted to your home address). It is important that ALL members vote NO and return the ballot paper. You need to send a clear message to NPT that they must deliver a fair wage offer and good working conditions to their staff. This can only be done by all of you voting.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary