NPT 011

September 18, 2017



It has been brought to the attention of the Union that National Patient Transport is planning to put their own unfinished Enterprise Agreement to the workforce to vote on. The negotiations with NPT are still proceeding and agreement has not been reached.

The Unions have rejected NPT’s Wage Price Index Model and maintained our claim for 6% per year.

This was included in the Unions’ letter to NPT on 22 August 2017. See below:

  1. Wages (Clause 15) – Not Agreed
    The Unions claim is for a 6% wage rise to occur annually over the life of the agreement and do not agree with NPT’s suggestion to use the Wage Price Index as a model for wage increases.

This remains the position of the Unions. Since then NPT have not provided a reasonable wage offer to our members and as such we have no alternative but to direct our members to vote no to any agreement that has not been endorsed by the unions.

Members may receive their ballot papers for the vote on the NPT Enterprise Agreement in the days ahead (it will be posted to your home address). It is important that ALL members vote NO and return the ballot paper. This will send a clear message to NPT that they must deliver a fair wage offer to their staff.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary