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October 25, 2017

Paramedicine Board of Australia

First Appointments

It has been announced by the COAG Health Council on 19th October 2017 of the establishment of the inaugural Paramedicine Board of Australia with the first appointments of the Chair, practitioner and community members.

This is a nine member board made up of:

  • Associate Professor Stephen Gough ASM as practitioner member from Queensland and National Board Chair;
  • Ms Clare Beech as practitioner member from New South Wales;
  • Mr Keith Driscoll ASM as practitioner member from South Australia;
  • Associate Professor Ian Patrick ASM as practitioner member from Victoria;
  • Miss Angela Wright as practitioner member from Western Australia;
  • Mr Howard Wren ASM as practitioner member from a small jurisdiction – the Australian Capital Territory (ACT);
  • Ms Carol Bennett as community member from the ACT;
  • Mrs Jeanette Barker (nee Evans) as community member from New South Wales;
  • Ms Linda Renouf as community member from Queensland.

On behalf of the National Council of Ambulance Unions [NCAU] and the Ambulance Employees Australia – Victoria [AEA-V] we extend contgratulations to the successful appointees of the inaugural board and look forward to working with them for the betterment of the Paramedic industry and all who work in it.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary AEAV
President NCAU