AV 019

May 15, 2018

Parental Leave Underpayment

The Union has recently discovered that members who have flexible work arrangements (FWAs) expire during periods of parental and annual leave are not being paid the remainder of their leave appropriately.

Ambulance Victoria has been paying some of these members at their FWA hours and not fulltime hours post expiry of their FWA.

To date the Union has recovered over $30,000 in owed entitlements for members.

All members who had a FWA expire during a period of leave are encouraged to check their payslips to ensure that they have not been underpaid.

Ambulance Victoria is currently undertaking a payroll audit of the issue.

All members are reminded that FWAs cannot be unilaterally extended by Ambulance Victoria and any renewal must be mutually agreed.

The Union would have preferred to circulate a joint bulletin with Ambulance Victoria on this matter but due to time delays this has not occurred.

If you feel you have been adversely affected please do not hesitate to contact the Union.

Amanda Kaczmarek
Senior Industrial Officer