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March 3, 2017

Permanent Branch Allocations of AP 12s

The Union has been contacted by many members regarding the allocation of AP12s.

The Union met with Ambulance Victoria on 23 February 2017 to discuss the matter further.

Allocation Process for Permanent Branch Vacancies
Ambulance Victoria stated that the placement principles for any permanent allocation to a branch is one Qualified Ambulance Paramedic (QAP), one AP12 alternating.

The Union has have been advised by our members that this has not occurred at all branches.

The Union has been advised that the current pool of AP12s have been allocated the following branches:

Ararat Benalla
Bendigo Cobram
Eaglehawk Geelong
Hamilton Horsham
Kyabram Leongatha
Maroopna Mildura
Portland Seymour
Stawell Swan Hill
Wallan Wonthaggi

Members who are QAPs and at the top of branch preference lists where AP12s have been allocated and not offered the opportunity to transfer should raise the matter in first instance with their regional management team and let the union know so we can assist with your transfer.

Please be aware that it can take up to 5 months for the transfer to be activated.

Allocation Process for AP12s

  1. Expressions of interest: – AP12s nominate two groups in both metro and rural
  2. Ballot:  – A ballot is undertaken to allocate AP12s to branch vacancies

Ambulance Victoria have advised that for the current AP12s a number did not receive either their first or second preferences and it is disappointing that they were not consulted about putting forward further preferences.

The present group of 88 AP12s have all been placed in rural Victoria.

AV has advised that all of the AP12s will be entitled to relocation assistance.

Altering AP12 Work Location

With respect to AP12s being able to change their allocated work location there are three options:

  1. Application to Ambulance Victoria’s Special Considerations Committee
  2. AP12s can swap placement locations with other AP12s in the same allocation pool when mutually agreed
  3. Accepting a transfer to another branch when at the top of that branch’s preference list

AP12s are not able to swap work locations with QAPs.

GAPs are able to put their name on a branch preference lists at the six month mark of their employment with Ambulance Victoria.

AV advised AP12s, other than those with contractual restrictions, will be eligible to transfer as soon as their name is the top of a branch list.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary