AV 020

June 1, 2017

Reasonable Overtime

Recently an email was circulated to Clinic Transport staff from Ambulance Victoria Management which included the following advice about working overtime.

Members have raised concerns about this email as it states:

  • That requesting an ‘on time’ finish is not a right
  • The consistent refusal of OT impacts negatively on your colleagues and is a sign of disrespect for both them and the patients in your area
  • Staff have to stop challenging communications officers at unreasonable times of the day in an attempt to return to branch far too early in their shift.
  • Family circumstances can be factored in ‘on occasion’.

The Union reminds members of the following clauses of the AV Enterprise Agreement 2015 (Varied and Extended).

  1. Requirement to work reasonable overtime
    1. Subject to clause 38.1(b), the Employer may require an employee to work reasonable overtime (including incidental and full shift overtime) at applicable overtime rates of pay.
    2. An employee may refuse to work overtime in circumstances where the working of such overtime would result in the employee working hours which are unreasonable having regard to:
      1. any risk to employee health and safety;
      2. the employee’s personal circumstances including any family responsibilities;
      3. the needs of the workplace or enterprise;
      4. the notice (if any) given by the Employer of the overtime and by the employee of his or her intention to refuse it; and
      5. any other relevant matter.

The Union reminds members that they do have the right to request an on time finish.

 You also have the right to REFUSE to work unreasonable overtime (as above).

Any employee who requests to finish on time is exercising their rights under the Agreement that AV and the Union signed less than a year ago. It is completely offensive and inappropriate to suggest that a worker who is exercising a workplace right is being disrespectful to patients and colleagues.

The Union will be writing to AV seeking a retraction of this email.

Members are encouraged to continue exercising their rights to request an on time finish and to refuse to work unreasonable overtime as outlined in the Agreement

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary