AV 039

October 25, 2017

Revised Ambulance Dispatch (RAD)

October 2017

The Union met with Ambulance Victoria on 23 October 2017 to discuss RAD.

AV acknowledged that the proposal needs more detail and that members were concerned that too much change was occurring at once and that there needed to be greater delineation of duties.

The Union sought further details as to role functions, staffing numbers and rosters. This requested information is yet to be provided as AV is not presently committing to any idea of staffing numbers.


  • Proposals regarding the Clinician role have been submitted to the Operational Review
  • The draft Operational Review is not likely to be finalised until early 2018

Time Line

  • November 2017 is the target date for the implementation plan to be finalised
  • In order to reach this deadline AV and ESTA have committed to meeting weekly
  • The RAD implementation date, at this stage, is February 2018

Next Steps

  • Ambulance Victoria has established reference groups for both metro and rural
  • The Union has requested that ASO involvement be facilitated in the reference groups
  • The Union looks forward to hearing from members as to how the reference group discussions are progressing

Members who have any queries re RAD are encouraged to contact Amanda Kaczmarek via amanda.kaczmarek@unitedvoice.org.au or 0401 191 609.

Members will be kept updated as more information is made available. Members meetings will be scheduled as required.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary