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January 3, 2018

Rural Senior Relieving

Paramedic Trial MOU

The union and Ambulance Victoria have reached agreement to trial Rural Senior Relieving Paramedics (RSRP).

The trial will operate from roster block 278 commencing 12 February 2018.

Paramedics who accept a secondment as a RSRP will have the following employment conditions:

  • Paid at Senior Reserve Paramedic rates of pay;
  • Be utilised to fill shifts at short notice at predetermined locations which are specified in their individual RSRP secondment contract (within 50 minutes of their home);
  • Be paid travel time and kilometres when travelling greater than 50 minutes from their home location.

RSRPs must be qualified ALS or MICA Paramedics with a minimum of one year post-qualification on-road experience.

Participation in the RSRP trial is voluntary.

Full details are provided in the MOU which is either attached or can be downloaded depending on how you have received this bulletin.

 Download Rural Senior Relieving Paramedic Trial MOU

Download Rural Senior Relieving Paramedic Trial MOU

Ambulance Victoria is yet to determine which branches will have RSRP vacancies.

If members have any queries about the above please do not hesitate to contact Amanda Kaczmarek via amanda.kaczmarek@unitedvoice.org.au or 9235 7663.

We will keep you updated regarding the trial logistics.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary