Shepherds Australia PTSD Awareness Baton Ride “Sharing the Load”

Hi Ambulance Employees Australia Victoria

My name is Dean (Bear) Marks, I am one of the founders of a group called Shepherds Australia.

We have been working for several months on an event to bring awareness of the significant trauma PTSD and TBI have caused within our Military and Emergency Response communities.

This work has culminated in a 5 day event that we intend to not only become annual, but national.

I am writing as you as I have been contacted by Rod Brown and advised of your interest in supporting this event.

Each year we wish to bring to light a different group that is working with our Returned Servicemen and women and Frontline Emergency Responders to help them help others.

This year our goal is to raise $20,000 for Whiskey’s Wish. They train and provide PTSD Assistance Dogs. As you would be aware, they have been an invaluable resource for sufferers as far to often they find it difficult to relate to other people.

We have reached out to and received support so far from, The National Vietnam Veterans Museum, The Vietnam Veterans Assn, Emergency Services Motorcycle Clubs, Blue, Red, Orange and White Knights after speaking with them at their recent AGM. We have also gained support from the Military Motorcycle Clubs that we have spoken to, The Patriots, Military Brotherhood and VVMC.

Modern Soldier, a Military PTSD Advocacy group and others have advised of their support.

As detailed in my communications to all, to raise $20,000 by going out to Corporate Australia is much easier to achieve that how I have chosen to raise these donations. I believe this is not only about helping Whiskey’s Wish, it is first and foremost about creating an unstoppable wave that is hard to turn your back on. I wish to raise the $20,000 through $1 donations from 20,000 people. We need everyday Australians to take a stand and say it is not good enough. I may be naive but I believe that if we can get 20,000 people to donate $1 each then this will snowball.

I have attached the link directly to our web page for this event.

We would sincerely appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

Ride Poster

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Shepherds Media Release

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Kind Regards

Dean Marks (Bear)