AV 004

February 13, 2017

Special Leave Entitlements

Members have raised issues regarding Special Leave entitlements.

I refer members to the AV 2015 EBA Clause 58.

The granting of paid Special Leave is at the discretion of the employer.

Members should also be aware of AV Policy “Special Leave” POL/PAC/013 which applies to all employees.

Clause 6 of the Policy allows for: “Welfare Support Post Exposure to Operational Event” where if a verbal request is made to a Team Manager [or equivalent] in the first instance for part shift, or up to 14 hour shift, release on paid time the Team Manager can authorise it.

Up to two shifts has to be authorised by a Group Manager and anything up to five shifts has to authorise by a Regional Manager.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary