March 9, 2017

St John Ambulance

Bargaining Update March 2017:


The Union has made an application to the Fair Work Commission for a majority support determination.

The hearing is listed for Friday 31 March 2017 at 10:30.

Such an application would not have been possible without the fantastic work of members in achieving overwhelming workplace support for an enterprise agreement.

St John is currently holding its own ballot to determine whether employees wish to bargain.

St John pledged on 03 March 2017 that “If a majority of employees who will be covered by the proposed agreement vote “Yes”, then St John will commence bargaining for an enterprise agreement”.

It is imperative that all members VOTE YES.

Voting YES will reinforce the message to St John that its employees are strong, united and determined to win an enterprise agreement.

Please encourage your colleagues to VOTE YES.

In solidarity,

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary