The MS Ride is on again this

Sunday July 31st, 2016

Details from the MS Ride organiser Billy Dettmer:

“On Sunday July 31st at 0900 hours, motorcycle riders from all over the place will come together to ride around Port Philip Bay raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research and support.

This is the second one I’ve held, with last year’s being the wettest, most miserable day I’ve ever ridden.

The idea is that the journey round the bay on a cold winter’s day represents a little part of the challenge faced by MS patients daily.

There is a Facebook page and also an MS donation site, links below. Cost/Donation is $20 per rider.

Below that is a link to B.R.U.C.E.  (Blokes Respecting Understanding and Care for Each other) which I run every month as a support group for Ambo’s, Musicians and others.  Happy to discuss.”

Fundraising Page:

Facebook for MS Ride;

Facebook for BRUCE:

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary