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April 18, 2018

Union Elections to AEA-V State Council

As of 18th April 2018, nominations have been called for positions to the AEA-V State Council for the next four years.

There are in total 39 positions on the AEA-V State Council
spread over 4 zones which are:

  Zone 1           AV Metro [18 representatives];

  Zone 2           AV Regional [15 representatives];

  Zone 3           Private Non-Emergency Patient Transport [3 representatives];

  Zone 4           Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority [3 representatives].

There are also another 6 positions on the United Voice Branch Executive, National & Branch Council allocated to AEA-V members which are also open for nomination.  Members elected to these positions are also deemed to be AEA-V State Councillors.

Also open for nominations are the positions of Deputy President of United Voice Vic Branch known as the Secretary of the AEA-V and the position of Assistant Secretary of the AEA-V.  These positions are currently held by Steve McGhie and Danny Hill respectively.

Members are advised that Steve McGhie has announced his intention to retire and will not be renominating for the position of Secretary of the AEA-V.   Please be advised that Danny Hill intends to nominate for the position of Secretary of the AEA-V and Ogla Bartasek intends to nominate for the position of Assistant Secretary of the AEA-V. 

Changes to these positions will not take effect until Tuesday, 3rd July 2018 and it will be business as usual until then.

Members requiring a nomination form can contact the AEA-V.

Nominations for all these positions close at 12 noon on Wednesday, 9th May 2018.

Each nomination must be supported by two financial members and can be returned to the Union by no later than Tuesday, 8th May 2018.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary