The VAU has received a large volume of complaints about Ambulance Victoria’s recent recruitment processes for the ALS Ambulance Response Unit (ARU). This has been a protracted and poorly executed process leading to extreme frustration, anger, and disappointment amongst members who have applied for these positions.

On 1 April 2023, the VAU was informed that AV had written to 24 shortlisted applicants for 17 positions advising them that AV was planning to use a ‘random number generator’ to select 17 applicants.

The VAU immediately intervened and insisted that AV use a proper and transparent process to select the best candidates. The VAU understands the process was then halted.

We have now been advised that AV have written to several applicants and informed them that their original score had been ‘miscalculated’ and as such the random ballot was not required.

We have received numerous enquiries regarding members’ right to lodge a formal grievance as per Clause 11 – Resolution of disputes and grievances of the Ambulance Victoria Enterprise Agreement. Members are encouraged to lodge a formal grievance if they feel aggrieved by this or any recruitment process. You should also seek feedback about why your score was recalculated.

In Solidarity!