AV 040

November 16, 2020


Recently AV has been contacted by a number of individuals who are undergoing AV’s Graduate Recruitment process. We have heard distressing stories of months and years of waiting for responses and of some people just giving up and choosing to pursue another career rather than work for AV.

The effect on individual’s mental health is a blight on AV. For a public sector health organisation to treat individuals with such contempt is very disappointing. Students have worked very hard to get to a position where they can apply and have then gone through an intensive recruitment program only to be left hanging.

AEAV wrote to AV expressing members concerns. A copy of the letter can be seen here. AV has responded via email and the response is below:

  • There is currently no backlog in responding to general enquiries sent to the GAPRecruitment email address.  Some matters are more complex and, on these occasions, candidates are updated to this effect.
  • Applicants are advised by email when they are placed on the Order of Merit.
  • Candidates are required to have current documentation (less than 6 months old) when applying, as stated on AV’s website.  Where the candidate has not been successful in obtaining a GAP offer and their application is still open, there is a requirement to submit a new police check and driving history check if these are more than 12 months old. Candidates will be notified when further documentation is required.
  • A candidate is not a successful applicant until they are made a Graduate Ambulance Paramedic offer.  Candidates who have completed all the steps necessary to be eligible for the Order of Merit will be notified when they are moved onto the Order of Merit. Please note that a candidate who is on the Order of Merit is not guaranteed an offer of employment by Ambulance Victoria.  All candidates are advised of this at Assessment Centre.

The AEAV believes that this still leaves a number of applicants with unanswered questions. If you have completed the assessment criteria successfully and are still waiting to find out whether you are on the Order of Merit please contact us at aea.vic@unitedworkers.org.au and let us know what your current status is and we can discuss with you options to have your application processed efficiently.