AV 042

December 02, 2020


The Clean Up AV Campaign aims to deal with bullying and sexual harassment, discrimination, cronyism and low staff morale. We want to ensure that interpersonal claims at AV are investigated quickly, using an external investigator that is agreed by the parties, that rationale and decisions are provided to the subjects of the complaint, and that there are support mechanisms in place to assist staff when putting in complaints.
We are campaigning for:
  • An effective and timely process for investigation, including an external investigator agreed by the parties
  • The introduction of contact officers, specifically trained to undertake support work
  • An annual review of bullying and harassment claims to look for patterns in different areas
  • Communication to be a key part of any investigation, and that both the victim and the alleged perpetrator are kept informed about progress
  • Decisions to be impartial, and to be made without Executive influence
  • Trained external mediators to be appointed to assist with resolution
We need to work together to change our culture. To create a culture change across the state, we need everyone communicating with and supporting each other!